Seriously Slime was created by two women who had become a bit baffled by their children’s love of slime making.  While they could appreciate the creative magic and the simple satisfaction that slime making brought to their kids (away from a screen), that joy and satisfaction was often overshadowed by the frustration they felt over the mess that it created.  So they decided to cultivate a fun and play-driven environment where kids could experiment and be social without the looming concern over the mess. Their mission is simple, to put more joy into the world one bowl of slime at a time. To all of the parents out there who are inundated with their children’s constant requests to experiment with this messy craze, consider the Seriously Slime mantra and just LET THEM MAKE SLIME!


Seriously Slime is serious about slime and partying. If you have a slime lover, this is the party for you. Seriously Slime parties are led by local Slime Masters who are trained to make the very best slimes with personalized toppings and a fun hands on slime experience for the birthday child and each guest. See if there is a Slime Master near you!

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Our stores are the perfect place to host your next celebration. We offer the supplies and space to get your slime on! Perfect for birthday, family night out, or even team building.

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Are you good at making connections in your community? Do you like working with your hands to bring joy to kids? If yes, Seriously Slime is accepting applications for local franchises in your community.


Do you love slime? Do you always make the best slimes? Do you make slime at home and like to experiment with new recipes? Become a Slime Ambassador with Seriously Slime.