DIY Slime Kit

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Customize your own DIY slime kit! At Seriously Slime, we love making good slime and we now are delivering our Seriously Slime store experience to you. Pick your color, scent, and type of slime. You can pick either 2 or 4 slimes.

Every kit includes glue, shaving cream, Seriously Slime activator, stirrers, containers, the color you choose, the scent you choose, glitter, pigment, glow powder, foam beads, mini beads and charms, model magic (to make butter slime), and snow (to make cloud slime).

You can choose to make the following types of slime:

Fluffy Slime – This is the most popular slime! Our recipe of glue, shaving cream and activator makes Fluffy Slime. Fluffy slime is soft and stretchy and is the best for making bubbles and stretching.

Cloud Slime – This kit includes the add-on of artificial snow. The cloud slime recipe is a fluffy slime base and then you add artificial snow. The snow makes the slime soft and cloud like. You can add a little snow for texture or more snow to make true cloud slime. Warning: Cloud slime can be sticky if left out.

Butter Slime – This kit includes the add-on of model magic. This recipe is a fluffy slime base and then you add model magic. Model magic makes the slime more firm and putty-like. This is great for younger kids and for making your slime more like a soft, stretchy putty.

* Foam beads and other add-on’s in the kit will make the slime decorative and textured. You can use what you like most to make your slime special.

** Best for kids 5+

WARNING: If you have sensitive skin or allergies to any of the ingredients in our products please do not touch the slime. Slime should not be ingested. Do not eat slime or any of the materials in our kits. Recommended ages 5+. Parental supervision is advised.

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Color & Scent Combination

Green/Monkey Farts, Pink/Raspberry Lemonade, Blue/Blue Cotton Candy, Purple/Yummy Gummy