We had my daughter’s birthday party with seriously slime and the girls loved it! We had so much fun. Sarah and Shannon are so helpful and creative.  The kids were busy making slime and enjoying every minute! I highly recommend for parties, classes and all types of fun! – Meg M.

My daughter is obsessed with slime and I am so excited that I found a place where she can make it outside of my house!! She is so excited to attend another Slime Workshop (and so am I!) Thank you! – E.L.

I love this. I wish I could skip school and come here and make slime every day!Natalie, age 6.5

“It’s hard to grow up when you have a place like Seriously Slime down the block. Tik Tok, I’ve been fighting the clock refusing to grow up for over 60 years but “I don’t want to grow up” when there is so much slime in the world. I’m trading my pixie dust for pixie stix dust. I’m hooked.”Peter Pan 

“My sister and I went to Seriously Slime today and it was amazing. I couldn’t “let anything go” there. The candy selection was amazing. It gave me chills and it’s tough for me to get chills. I’d climb a mountain to get there if I had to” -Elsa

I want to sing about it but I lost my voice since I’ve already told so many people. This is the best thing I’ve found since the dingelhopper. Even my “crabby” friends think this place is fun!” -Ariel

“Seriously Slime is the most magical place I’ve ever been. Slime, candy and fun. It reminds me of another special place I know”. -Walt Disney

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